Million Air

Medford, OR

Application: Aircraft hangar
Slab Size: 37,500 ft² (3,500 m²)
Joint Spacing: 60 ft x 70 ft (18 m x 21 m)
6,800 linear ft (2,100 m)

A conventional concrete slab capable of storing 40-ton business jets typically will require significant use of secondary steel reinforcement and much labor and expense to saw cut the required number of control joints. Our custom, extended joint spacing solution for this modern hangar eliminated use of rebar and more than 6,800 linear feet of joints specified in the original design, thereby saving construction expense and significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Palo Verde Wastewater Reclamation Facility

Maricopa, AZ

Application: Water clarifier tanks
Slab Size: 10,000 ft² (930 m²)
Jointless: 68 ft diameter (21 m)
Engineer: Global Water
Contractor: Hunter Contracting

Recipient of the 2017 Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association’s (FRCA) Innovative Project of the Year award, this durable concrete system of three high-performance slabs required no secondary steel reinforcement or shrinkage joints, thus eliminating the need for all water stops. Use of fiber reinforcement reduced total slab construction time by an estimated five days and allowed the slabs to be constructed in one single, monolithic placement.

Viking Group, Inc.


Application: Headquarters/Manufacturing
Slab Size: 173,500 ft² (9,300 m²)
Joint Spacing: 40 ft x 60 ft (12 m x 18 m)
Architect: Byce & Associates, Inc.

This modern headquarters facility benefitted from our durable, fiber-reinforced concrete solutions in both the office and manufacturing areas. In manufacturing, use of extended joint spacing in the large slab-on-ground areas will keep long-term maintenance costs to a minimum, while the highly polished, fiber-reinforced concrete flooring in the office areas provide pleasing aesthetics with no evidence of fiber seen on surfaces.

RA Libs Inc.

Sellersburg, IN

Application: Office/Warehouse
Slab Size: 20,000 ft² (16,100 m²)
Joint Spacing: 50 ft x 50 ft (15 m x 15 m)
Contractor: RA Libs Inc.

As a premier concrete contractor, RA Libs created a showpiece of their work to demonstrate the proven benefits of the MB Slab System—from its joint-eliminating, crack-reducing features ideal for industrial applications to the smooth, highly polished look it can provide to office floors.

Food Processing Facility


Application: Office/Warehouse
Slab Size: 40,000 ft² (3,700 m²)
Joint Spacing: 40 ft x 50 ft (12 m x 15 m)

Effective sanitation is essential to a food processing facility such as this one. The superior, tight crack control of our slab-on-ground solution contributes to this company’s hygiene efforts by minimizing microbial and chemical contaminants seeping into the floor.

Pharmaceutical Facility


Application: Warehouse
Slab Size: 66,000 ft² (6,100 m²)
Joint Spacing: 40 ft x 50 ft (12 x 15 m)

Our slab-on-ground solution for this large warehouse saved construction time and labor by significantly reducing the need for steel reinforcement and saw cut joints. Once completed, the facility benefits from tight joint openings, minimal floor curl and superior impact and abrasion resistance. Wear and tear on equipment riding on the floor is minimized, thanks to extended spacing of control joints.

Klein Farms

Seymore, IL

Application: Radiant floor
Slab Size: 5,400 ft² (500 m²)
Jointless: 60 ft x 90 ft (18 m x 24 m)
Producer: Blager Concrete Company
Contractor: Graber Buildings, Inc.

A new, open slab-on-ground floor plan with an underlying radiant floor system posed significant challenges easily overcome with this MB Slab System solution. Use of our fiber reinforcement technology avoided any damage to the radiant heat system by completely eliminating the need for saw cutting contraction joints. Our workability-retaining admixture enabled the concrete to remain consistent and workable from batch plant to the project site (a 45-minute drive). In addition, the innovative MasterLife CRA 007 crack-reducing admixture was utilized to reduce drying shrinkage and minimize the width of any cracks that might develop.

Hamilton Shop

Jefferson, IA

Application: Radiant floor
Slab Size: 2,400 ft² (220 m²)
Jointless: 40 ft x 60 ft (12 m x 18 m)

Eliminating the need for saw cutting contraction joints, this jointless concrete slab solution removed the risks of damaging the underlying radiant heat system during installation, while also providing excellent, long-term crack control and durability.